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Success is really when you create a space, a piece of art, and people come in and say, that’s my story - when they claim it, which happens to me a lot. When Sankofa came out it was an imperfect film, but a lot of black people came and hugged me and cried, and some even said that’s my story. In fact, we used to be evicted from theater to theater, and there was this one old lady in Harlem who used to call people and tell them the next place where it was showing. When I first met her in the theater she walked towards me with a cane just sobbing. And she says, “Don’t think you made this with your power. There’s more to the story going through you.” And she just kissed me and I knew what she was saying, that I was a vessel to things that meant a lot to her….That to me was the biggest capital I ever received, and it’s emotional, it’s very visceral. It makes you forget the hardest journey it took to get the film out. So when a film is claimed by people, to me is a success.
~Haile Gerima

This dude… lol

There’s a perversity in there that’s delicious. We used Slumdog‘s impact to make a film we wanted to make. Nobody was going to make [127 Hours] because it’s a guy alone for six days and cuts his arm off. You lie to them, ‘Yeah, it’s an action movie with one guy!’. [For Slumdog] We didn’t tell them a third of it was going to be in Hindi. Sure, some kids get their eyes taken out, but it’s like Amelie crossed with Trainspotting! You’ll say anything to get your film made.
~Danny Boyle

The reality is that she’s gone. You were not available, so she left.
An Oversimplification of Her Beauty | Terence Nance, 2012


Mind blown 5,000 times over.

Stannis caught up.


Shape Shifter | Elle UK May 2014 | Zuri Tibby by Marcus Ohlsson

Photos: Marcus Ohlsson

Fashion Editor: Joanne Blades

Hair: Yukiko Tajima 

Make-up: Katarina Hakansson

Melanin rich